Hi everyone


Jan 6, 2008
So glad I found this place, so far it seems to be the best site if your into these bikes, and I am- "big time"!
I had an electric bike for a month or so but hated always waiting for it to charge.I somehow found these kits for sale and have been so very happy to have taken the chance. I figured it would blow up or that it would just be some stupid rip-off but she is still running like a clock. Living here in a small town in Ontario (within the snow-belt) has made for some very interesting rides but she has never let me down.Starting it in the deep snow can be a challange because the wheel just slides but it always starts.The only issues I've had was the chain "thingy". I could never start the bike when I first put it together because it kept pulling my spokes out. To solve this, I bought a new rear rim and I took the thing off and cut the chain to fit the bike. To solve the chain rubbing on the frame, I filed the centre hole on the rear sprocket bigger and did not put the rubber ring on. This allowed the sprocket to touch the spokes moving "inwards" Have not had any problems with this setup in 6 months of daily use. I don't "drive" so this is my only way of getting to town and I'm at the point that I've been seen riding down main street for so long that the police just seem to ignore me, but I always "peddle" and never act like a jerk. I really love my bike but I hate the loudness and will try some of the ideas I've found here. That is how I found this site,searching for "diy quiet muffler". I wish my bike was as quiet as a 50cc honda Z-50 mini trail. I may be 50 years old but I feel like a teen as I sail down the country roads on a toy that cost me about as much as you may pay for a nice dinner.
Nice to be here! Steve., Lindsay, Ontario,Canada



welcome cooltoy! & could you send us some pics of your rear sprocket set up? sounds interesting!

Roy Carpenter


Welcome aboard! You found the right place for all the right answers bro. I'll see ya out buzzin' sometime! I'm just down here in Indiana...lol. Love to ride my 35cc Robin/Suburu GEBE Schwinn Alloy 7 cruiser... Not much snow, but wet streets all the time lately....arrrrg. I'm just a 50 year old kid too by the way:D



welcome to mbc,i know where lindsay is ive been through there mant times 15 years ago.:cool:


G'day man and welcome to MBc.
Try starting your bike by having the engine engaged and lifting the rear wheel by the seat,then kicking it over with the pedal.I've seen a video of a MBc member doing that in snow and it works great.Not much snow in Oz so i havn't tested it yet......yet.