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    I have been perusing this site for a couple days now - trying to get registered...:???: STRUGLE....:( Anyways, I am happy to finally get in and be able to post.
    It all started about 5 years ago when I built a snowblower powered scooter -
    100's of miles and breakdowns and fixeds and improvements later - I built a friction drive bike.
    I used a mid grade China bike - mountain bike thats about 20 years old and threw the weeteater on there.
    I have ridden this to work 4 times (10 miles each way) and had pretty good results running out of gas 2 of the 4 times - I cured that by keeping a gas can at work.
    I clocked it at 27 on flat ground.
    It still needs - handlebar mount choke control, speedometer/odometer, disk brakes ? - or better brakes - V brakes perhaps.

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  2. ozzyu812

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    Love the homebrew MBs!
    Have thought about using aluminum flat bar? Available at Lowe's & Home Depot
    Do you need to register it in MN?
  3. Mountainman

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    nice (simple) looking MB

    I like that

    ride that thing ------------------ Mountainman
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes. A good looking ride.

    Welcome and have fun.
  5. Dadkins1

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    Hi Ozzy,
    Thanks ! I assume your talking about the engine mount ? I have a piece of flatbar - and I choose the white oak for a couple reasons - torsional rigidity - and vibration dampening.
    No registration required - under 50cc under 25 (wink Wink) mph.
    Thanks Mountainman -The beauty of this machine is the simplicity.
    The biggest improvement I have stumbled on this summer was using a downsized skateboard wheel as a drive. no heat .no wear. Kicks Arse.
  6. andrewdavis19

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    Cool MB! Do you bump start it?
    I think tires with some type (kevlar) puncture resistant material wove into them and some extra thick tubes are a must for any MB'er! I had a rear flat half way to my work (25 mile one way) and I haven't gotten a center kickstand yet (also a must have), so I had to lean the bike against my back while I changed the tube. Talk about a PITA!
    Walmart has a Schwinn digital spedometer for 10 bucks that's a breeze to install.
    Check with your local bike shop for some "high-end" brake pads that might fit your existing cantilever (looks like to me from pic) arms. I use Aztec and they stop good and wear exceptionally well. I have 800 motored and a few hundred pedaled miles on mine and they are a little over half wore. They are the grey color ones and do throw off quite a bit of dust from the 30 mph stops. I can make a 13 mile ride to a friend's house that only has 4 stops and my black Freddy fenders will have a nice coating on them. I bought a black set of Aztecs the other day but am waiting till I wear these a little more before using them. Should've gotten a few pair as they were on sale for 5 bucks!
    I think a rear rack is another must have for MB'ers too. Strap you a small container of premixed to it. Some tools. Couple steaks, some potatoes (for baking) and a half gallon of blue bell! Think this is how I bent my seatpost rack. LoL! All that on there plus 2 48 oz fuel bottles and a full tool pack. :grin:Hee Hee! Happy motoring!
  7. Dadkins1

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    Hey Andrew - Thanks ! and yes, you bump start it or disengage and kill the motor for an extended downhill -first get up to max speed The "T" handle allows the motor to pivot on a swingarm so you can engage or disengage the motor on the fly.
    I have an old Cateye bike computer I will put on next week.