Hi Folks I'm new just wanted to introduce myself

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    My name is Ralph "BIKEMAN" and I'm glad to finally be joining in with you all. I hope I learn a lot. I've been building bikes for forty years and I have a passion for what I do... I ride with about 20 others here in California and I'm an authorized X-TREME scooter dealer.
    I have a website at http://www.greenbikemfg.webs.com . There is a Old School Photo Museum there that has some of my bikes in it and if your have any photos of Old School Bikes e-mail them to me( greenbikemfg@dslextreme.com) and I'll get them in there to share..

    Bike man

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    Welcome to the forum. You have impressive credentials.
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    2 stroke engines

    Many 2 stroke suppliers that I have spoken to are unable to import anymore engines and are down to couple of hundred units...... Period , So if you have noticed an increase in the cost as of late.That's what you can attribute it to.
    You know , free market enterprise, supply and demand etc. To avoid getting caught up in the mess I would recommend getting your hands on a few to hold you over until this whole importing thing blows over. It could be a few months..