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  1. BeerKanBillie

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    Well due to the insurance doubling on a motorcycle in
    Manitoba Canada its time to look at new transportaion. My wifes scooter is pink so just wont cut it. Looks forward to some information

  2. PatrickW

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    I would surmise that you are looking to motorize a bike or trike. You can do it 'on the cheap with one of the HT kits or, you can go 4-Cycle with a chain gear box. My suggestion would be one of the Staton-Inc, engine + Gearbox kits. His equipment is bullet-proof, and easy to setup, once you get the hang of it. Of course there are many other places out there, but Staton just happens to be my favorite. I've read, heard and see much about his kits are all were positive. Of course there are other good suppliers out there. Check around and read, read, and read our forums, and use our Search. When you are ready, add yourself int a Forum Thread of interest. Good Luck.
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    Welcome the forum. Members have fabbed mufflers, air cleaners and other hi-tech components from beer and soda cans.