Hi form Italy!

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  1. roberto.rc87

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    Hi crazy mad guys:grin:
    I'm writing you from Italy, it's a shame that I found this forum only now...
    I wanted to build a motorized bike 5 years ago but at the time I didn't have all the knowledge and tools that I have now:grin:
    It's crazy to see on youtube all those videos about motorized bikes going fast (70+ kmh).

    I have a small bike with 20" wheels that I want to convert :D but I'll use it for cross/ heavy duty offroad so I'm searching if I can get for cheap all options like brakes, steering and suspension parts.
    This will not be a fast building project because I do other things other than that:rolleyes:
    I'll start to read the sections of this forum to see if someone done a bike similar to the one that I want to build...

  2. terrence

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    Hi roberto welcome to MB.c Yes ive seen many 20" around here. Yet I don't have one myself. Good luck on your build. Post again if you cant find any info on 20" terrence
  3. Mountainman

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    wishing you -- much luck with your MB build

    and once it's up and running have fun when you -----

    ride that thing