Hi from a new guy!


Gray Rider

Hello All,

I just joined this forum after getting bit by the motorized bike bug, looks like a great source of information as well as alot of fun.

My background involves over 35 years in the airline industry, motorcycle racing (drag racing, vintage road racing a 2-stroke Yamaha, and 6 land speed records on a Moto Guzzi). I quit riding motorcycles about 2 years ago after breaking my ankle in a track day accident (6 screws and a plate), but I still ride my mountain bike.

I hope to get a 2 stroke from Dax soon and fabricate the mounts as well as use the top frame rail as a tank.

Got to go for now, I've got some reading to do.....




Welcome to the tribe. Looks like another over 40 has found the group. From the Giant Side of Texas!