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  1. ur2slo

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    Just a quick question. I'm looking to do a ratrod with wide tires. Where do you get those 4" wide tires and what are the name brands? What are the pro's and const with them. I have tried the search but have not found what I'm looking for. Please help. I'll keep searching on the forum as well. Thanks!!!

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I think Kenda makes a 24 by 3". Google on Surley Pugsley and check the specs to see what brand of fat tire that they use.
  3. ur2slo

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    Thanks for the info! I just purchased two OCC Schwinn Sting-ray bicycles and looking to rebuild them and put engines on them. Looking forward to it and im sure I will be getting some great tips and information from yall. I have done a search and found a lot on the chopper bikes.

    Thanks again!!