HI from Austin, could use a hand..:)

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  1. kelli

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    HI Everyone!
    I've been riding my 80cc motorized bike I had built for almost 2 yrs. It's my daily driver, and the only transportation I have. I love her.

    Sadly I had to tell my bike guy I wouldn't be using him any longer to fix my bike, as I didn't agree with his unprofessionalism. I've learned to fix a lot myself, but am in need of someone to help with a few things to get her back on the road. I'll pay! So if there are any 2 stroke mechanics out there in South Austin, I'd love to talk to you. Thanks so much!


  2. jaguar

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    I used to live in Austin. I loved it except for the cedar oak pollen season.
    Are you sure we can't help you here?