Hi from Australia. I now have Staton/Bimoto kit

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ultima, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. ultima

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    Hi all,
    I just installed a Bimoto kit from Staton.
    It was a little on the expensive side, but AFAIK it is the only one that
    a) is tiny (25cc) 4 stroke.
    b) retains all bike gears.
    c) is truly freewheeling.​
    So far I have taken it on a couple of short rides and have found it to be excellent. Plenty powerful enough for me, and I am extremely pleased with the freewheeling crank setup. When coasting, there is no moving chains, nor do the pedals move when engine is assisting. And finally when pedalling, only the bike chain moves, not the engine chain. Ingenious. I'd be interested to hear from others who have the same kit.

  2. mlcorson

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    I like the Bimoto set up. I wonder if you're one of the first installs? Let us know how is performs.
  3. jg767

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    Show us some pics!
  4. ultima

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  5. alswiseowl

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    Hi there.
    thats a very nice looking set-up,i like the fact that the motor sits in the centre part of the rear wheel.+uses the bicycles gears.

    i also am from australia (sydney). and am thinking about also getting a 4stroke kit.
    the kit i want is the framemount 49cc honda GX50,but i am really after some thing not to loud....
    you mention your honda is loudish at 25cc,so now im thinking the 49cc idea would be to loud,(what are your thoughts).also what about fitting a muffler for the noise...
    how lond did your kit take to arrive from the states.
  6. ultima

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    If your postal workers in Sydney use those Honda 90cc motorbikes, it would be fair to say that it is probably not quite as loud as one of those.
    I was the only one who thought it a little loud. Most people I have shown it to comment on how quiet it is.
    I did take a look at the existing muffler, and decided that it would be possible to adapt an additional muffler - but now, I don't think it so necessary. Also, it might mean a performance hit.
  7. alswiseowl

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    Hi again.
    good idea on hearing out for the postie,i probably would of never thought of that:goofy:

    may i ask if you have had any hassles with the boys in blue(local police)in your area with the mbike...or i guess its how you ride it + wearing helmet
    following cycling road rules,ect. id imagine they shouldnt hassle you or have any reason to anyway.

    reason i ask is that i dont want to invest in some thing that could be taken away from me + cost me more in fines....

    anyway thanks again for your input...
    take care
  8. ultima

    ultima New Member

    It's had three close encounters with the law so far.
    Once when my dad was riding it, the cops drove past. They took a bit of a look, but didn't stop.
    I have ridden past a breathalyser and the two or three police there didn't take any notice (though I was just coasting). I also rode straight through a motorbike officer on the side of the road with a laser gun - I was on full song. He didn't flinch.
    Having said all that, I have bought the Bimoto fully expecting to receive a fine of some sort in the future. I don't think they will take away the machine.
  9. alswiseowl

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    thanks for sharing that,makes me feel better about my decision in purchasing one...
    actually i rang my local staion up to find out what the laws on motorised bikes was.
    the first cop to answer didnt have a clue,to he transfered me over to the head highway patrol cop at the station.and all he said was,,gees.i dont really know.than he went ah i think its anything over 50cc needs to be registerd,but that i should check with the rta to be certain..
    so i went alright thanks....

    anyways thanks again.....