Hi from Australia

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  1. GraemeK

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    Hi all
    I am new to this but have previous experience building racing motor bikes and open wheeler race cars.
    I would like to build a powered bike using a 49cc Cag pocket bike motor but need to find a primary reduction unit that will bolt to the Cag motor. I guess I could build a reduction but it would save a lot of time if something is available.


  2. runnamuc

    runnamuc New Member

    g'day from newcastle,australia

    hi, runnamuc from australia
    where ya from?
    i've got a 66cc happy time and loving it, i'm just about to build a push trailor,
  3. GraemeK

    GraemeK New Member

    I live in Sydney near Dural -- I have built a number of open wheel racing cars and I saw a "Z box " conversion and thought a high tech build with a dedicated frame might be an interesting project.

  4. runnamuc

    runnamuc New Member

    yeah i got mine from zbox too, it does need some mods though like port matching, i found that to be the best mod so far and i wish i knew about it before i put the kit on my bike but it was probably best to run it in first
  5. ENO

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey GK..ENO Newcastle Oz..Welcome to Mbc..Lots of info and advice in Mbc.... No doubt they will be picking your brain real soon. Go to "AUSSIE ROLL CALL" and there are tons of members in Sydney (and USA) you can access for info, parts and advice...post some pics as you go..Good luck..See ya Eno