Hi from BC




I want to install a chinese 70 cc in a "Designed by AMS" chopper (see attachment)

Has anybody done this yet? Can you point me at some pix or disussion thread?

Here in BC I can't use this bike unless I:

Get it weighed at a government weigh scale, Apply for a VIN number, Have the VIN plate sent to an approved inspection shop, Have it inspected and then they'll attach the VIN, Go to an Autoplan dealer and they will issue a registration. Then I can have it insured.

It has to have:

Head and tail lights, Brake light, Licence plate illuminator, Horn.

I want to do this and I am overjoyed that I have found this forum!!:D

Thanks all,



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Thanks for the welcome:)

My wife and I have an agreement this Christmas. We each have an allowance to spend on whatever **** we want.

Because I waited until I had read enough in your forums and watched ebay long enough before buying anything I believe I will soon be riding a nice little Schwinn Stingray chopper. (Well lookalike).

I am using:
Hub adapter from Livefastmotors. (Ebay)
Engine mount from "Barry" (Ebay)
A 36t sprocket from "Dacscom"

I plan to drive to Burnaby and pick up my chinese kit. Is Real Power King here in BC Canada a good company to buy from? The engines are all pretty much the same as long as your dealer labels them (Semi) honestly. 80cc not withstanding....
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Dec 15, 2006
check out azvinnies occ schwinn bike
it is the same frame I believe
he has lots of miles on his (1000+)


OCC Chop-ped using the best parts/techniques available.

check out azvinnies occ schwinn bike
it is the same frame I believe
he has lots of miles on his (1000+)

Thanks I will!

I want to really "chopperize" my bike so I'm looking for a black padded WIDE saddle with springs (a'la vintage Fatboy) and handlebars with some sweep-back. I am also probably going to get the extended exhaust from Barry and some leather saddlebags (no fringes that would be going too far ;)

I am an electronics manufacturing technician so watch for my custom electrical system using NiMh batteries (RC) and a trickle charger powered from the magnito! If it works well I will post complete details. Since I need to power a complete lighting array (Head,Tail,Brake,Turn,Licence illuminator as well as a horn) It should be powerful enough for anybody elses requirements.

This forum has made this project possible. My goal is to build the finest example of the state of the art using the best components from the best suppliers (barrys mount is the prime example I could have easily ended up with the "bent plate" version which cracks but you guys steered me away from that one) :D

Other things I plan to do:
Boost bottle. (So cool, so simple so cheap)
Baffle material in muffler AND cut tube slightly for back pressure reduction. Yes I know I am kind of fighting myself on this one but my unproven theory is that if I reduce back pressure I can then afford some losses to reduce the sound level (I'll keep you posted).
Rubber sound dampeners in the engine cooling fins.
Sound absorbing material on both engine coverplates.

Any other suggestions for sound/vibration reduction, increased reliabilty or power boost?
What can I do to reduce chain noise other than careful alignment/fabrication?

Thanks again! pix to follow after the mailman comes!


P.S. next post should I start a "build thread"?