Hi from Bolivia.

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    Hello All, I've just started investigating "bolt-on" engines, I have yet to see one, "in the flesh", here in Bolivia. They are advertised in Brazil, where I also have a home, and that is where I shall probably buy one. For the moment I shall "lurk" here reading posts until I have a question or think I can offer some input. thanks, Chris.

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    Hi welcome to the site! Your going to love it here, theres a company based in argentina I think that sell these bolt on kits. Might be cheaper than direct from a shop. heres the link: http://www.motorkit.com.ar/
    Have a good read through and before you know it you will want one!

  3. ChrisInBolivia

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    Hi fast... thanks for the heads-up on the link.... the prices aren't clear if they're in dollars or argentine pesos... I'll give the guy a bell tomorrow. In Brazil the 80cc kit comes out a shade over 300 $us !!!! There's a 52% import tax into Brazil, but even so, it still hurts when it's 120 bucks in Canada..... and probably 60bucks FOB in China !!!!! If you're interested I'll let you know what I find out ! cheers, Chris
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    hi Chris -------------------------- welcome

    wow --- that tax there is a killer !!!!!!

    oh well -- you will save on gas and have MUCH FUN as you

    ride that thing
  5. Pablo

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    Welcome - yes I know some of the guys at Motorkit. They are good people! Highly recommended.
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    G'day Chris & welcome to MBc.