Hi from California

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  1. Mattkablasta

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    I am joining the site because i need help with my bike. I accidentally broke a bolt on the top of the engine and i cant find anyone to replace it. I found the part number: M6X112 if anyone reading this can help. Until I get the part my bike is sitting in the garage (its been about 4 months :( )

  2. Broken Stud?

    Hi welcome here, what part of CA you in? There are plenty of people here to help you.

  3. Mattkablasta

    Mattkablasta New Member

    Hi thanks for the welcome, I am from the Bay Area
  4. Mountainman

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    hi Matt

    machine parts supply store up in your area should be able to set you up fast

    also -- we have what one would call good hardware store down the country mountain
    they got a whole lot of nuts and bolts --
    always needed on ranches, shop owners, repair people etc

    get that THING repaired and ride that THING