hi from canberra australia

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    Hi everyone.

    1st off - Great site!

    Well I've been lurking here for a long time and originally my intention was to build a 2-stroke boardtracker style mb with shifter kit and tuned pipe. But I think I'd probably get pulled over by the po-po (love that term!) within 2 seconds of riding something like that.

    And over 6 months of researching both mb sites (while I've slowly been buying bike parts off ebay) I've 'gone to the other side' - given up looks and cool factor for reliability and longevity :rolleyes7:

    I've finally decided to go with a 35cc robin suzuki on a belt drive GEBE kit. Glad to have finally decided, and excited to get riding :cool:

    If any of you have a standard gas tank for the 35cc robin subaru engine please let me know, I need one!

    Now excuse me, have to ask augidog a coupla questions.
    Nice to meet y'all

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    H Dave, welcome to Motoredbikes!