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    I got a China Girl 2 stroke set up in a gasbike 'skyhawk' GT2 AL. frame.

    the stock air filter was decent visit I crushed it up & it feel off one too many times, so I improvised a higher performance air filter. i used an empty steel sunscreen spray bottle w/ the ends cut off & lots of big holes in the sides, wrapped w/ few layers of nylon/spandex socks - ladies dress socks (finer filter) on the inside & a cheap men's dess sock (courser particle filter) on the outside, held w/ cable ties & copper wire (because I've noticed aluminum or steel wire fastening parts in my ride can make it look real ghetto hella easily...)

    actually I'm pretty sure my air fitter is a solid performance upgrade adding me maybe 8-18% more power.

    paint I'm experimenting w/ semi flat black on most of the bike, few chrome & primer accents, & layers of hi temp hi gloss clearcoat

    the back tire was overwide & chewed itself to a nasty blowout. replacement w/ 1.75in. mountain bike tire has been good solution -- after some difficult lessons in trueing wheels 20160911_003000.jpg

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    the motor is a "48cc (US) / 66cc (metric) / 80cc (web based)" gt no slant but it came w/ reed valves & a decent banana pipe expansion chamber exhaust & claims to be able to put it 4.5hp under ideal conditions