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    Hi my name is Paul and I just found this forum from a post on thecabe.com which is a classic and antique bicycle forum wtih a motorized forum (not a lot of action.)

    I have been collecting antique bicycles for over 25 years. Early on I became interested in whizzers and then earlier "clip on" motors such as Merkel/Hendee motorwheel Johnson mw, Smith/Briggs/Wall mw,Rochester Cyclemotor Evans Powercycle etc. I sold most of my collection except for the motorized projects= they are burried right now till I have the time to get them.

    I used to be into old cars, but since I got bit by the bike bug it has been my main hobby-

    I am always interested in buying Whizzer parts bikes and especially pre WWII USA built bikes, motors, parts, nameplates (headbadges) dealer items such as clocks displays signs etc. Will consider ANY condition- you can always email me at xhtc@yahoo.com (a price and pix helpful) I will respond to all.

    Hope to meet some folks with the same interests.

    Thanks for the forum!

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    Hi Paul, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to the form it's a great place you will love it