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  1. urbantuckerman

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    ****, scotty here, originally from uk but now living in the mountains of portugal. Just about to order my first engine kit! and glad of any advice, especially about the legality of these machines in portugal. Can i pedal it round town with the engine off? Or should i rely on a fast getaway?


  2. Pablo

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    Welcome - we have 4 or 5 customers in Portugal, a few post here. Discreetly check with your local authorities on legality, but I'm thinking like most places, if you avoid maniacal open pipe street riding without a helmet, you will be OK.
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  3. urbantuckerman

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    cheers pablo! i'm actually planning on using the caminhos mostly which should avoid any trouble! also i'll be pedalling round town to maintain my eco credentials. can't wait for summer!:cool:
  4. Jose pinto

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    hello scott, living in Portugal in the central mountains, the details will be for the Estrela?
    as to the question that raises no problem, even with the engine running here through the port to date have not had problems, the council uzo helmet and lighting for the front and rear and do like me (when I see a cop turn off the engine :grin5::grin5:) I think the law is the same both in Portugal and the United Kingdom by the fact that both belong to the European Union. anything you need I'm here to lend a hand in motagem your bike, already bought the engine?