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    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to the forum but have been reading a lot of posts on here for years.
    I had a gebe 35cc red max for a while but the engine kept breaking down so I sold it. I went to a Honda metropolitan after that but sold it when I moved to chattanooga. I'm looking to build a motorized bike now and joined the forum to pick brains and get answers about the best parts.
    Presently I'm thinking of the Honda gxh 50, mounted to either a cruiser or a hard tail mountain bike. I will probably run a hub scooter and an 80 tooth sprocket because I have 1100 of elevation to climb if I want to take my bike to work.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Yeah.......an 1100 foot elevation change is a challenge. Maybe you'd be better off with a motorcycle for commuting and a motorized bike for local riding? That would be a shame. But that's quite a climb, too.

    My wife rides a Honda Metropolitan. Sweet bike, isn't it?
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    Bluegoatwoods, Yeah, I loved the Honda Metropolitan... I had to move myself to Chattanooga so there was no good way to get the house packed up and then get the two vehicles, plus the scooter, to TN. I ended up selling it to a young lady who still uses it all the time. I liked being able to sell it to someone who appreciated it and used it often. It was so easy to work on and the guys at the auto parts store thought it was hilarious when I would bring in a half quart of oil to recycle. ha ha.
    I'm afraid that a motorcycle is going to be the only way to go with that elevation change. I live on top of a mountain ridge and the road from the bottom to the top is about 3-4 miles, so that is a pretty good uphill climb to do 1100 feet over 3-4 miles.
    I'm not 100% sure that I will be doing a motorized bike but I really enjoyed the last one I had (when it worked).
    The issue that I had with the GEBE was the engine... all the components were great and I really like the design of the GEBE, but that motor would need to have the carb adjusted every 50 miles... at the time, I didn't know how to do that myself, but couldn't probably do it now. It was a two stroke, RedMax 35 cc engine and the more I see on this forum, the more I realize that I probably didn't break it in properly and that I was running it WOT for about 8-10 miles at a time, which I hear is not great for the two stroke engines.
    I should have just replaced the RedMax with a Honda GXH50 and kept going, but who knows?