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  1. cole2357

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    Hi all,
    I'm Mick, live in CT. Planning on adding an engine to an Electra cruiser in the next few weeks, for me and my 10 year old to work on and ride.

    I've looked at lots of the online offers and will be reviewing these forums for advice.So far, I've seen pics of some very very nice builds and I aspire to make something half as good as what I see here..

    Anyway, I'm grateful this forum is here, its a huge help.


  2. xPosTech

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    Welcome Mick.

    If you document your first build you would be able to share some of the pics with us.

    Hint [​IMG]

  3. cole2357

    cole2357 New Member

    I'll be sure to document and post...it'll be an ugly process,,

    BTW. I WAS born in Texas and didn't leave until I was 40 or so. Back for visits regularly, whenever the need for decent BBQ or Mexican food strikes.
  4. graucho

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    Hi Mick. Welcome! I vision your build will be a beautiful process if your spending your time with your 10 year old. We need a future generation of mechanical minds.
  5. skipS

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    Hello and welcome. Another CT'er. hope your build goes well. .......................................................skip
  6. xPosTech

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    Anything to do with exes? I have one in California, another in Oregon (a saint) and yet another in Kentucky. That way I can live in Texas. :rolleyes: