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    Hi my name is Pat.. aka Delaware Destroyer LOL cuz I destroyed a mess of bikes and parts on this new hobby.I live in Lincoln, Delaware about 15 miles north of Lewes.I'm on my third frame which is a mountain bike but the same old motor 80cc chinese motor ( It must have been built on a good day cuz I was its worst enemy) 32 tooth sproket, 40 miles an hour...and I got it to stay in one piece..Wish I would have surfed in here long ago..This site answered a lot of my problems with out even asking one question. For that I thank you all. Also I am new to any forum. and an PC illiterate...LOL. Be safe Pat

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    Welcome to MBc.

    Have you read about the upcoming Rally in [Lewes]
  3. Delaware Destroyer

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    Hey Dave, Yes I did cant wait, the only bike I've seen in real life is mine...
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    Welcome to MBc Delaware Destroyer! We hope to see you at Lewes on the weekend of Sept. 18th & 19th. The rally is at the park, and I'll be posting more details as the time draws near.