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    hello guys from europe,
    i felt happy when i found this forum from gogle,
    just cause i want to make my mountain bke an electric one,
    gazoline is expensive,
    the transports are expensive,
    just to walk is rough cause sun is very hot,
    biking is very tiring,
    thats why i got with the electric bike,
    and to be honest, i have in mund touring the world with electric bike,
    with use of solar panel chargers,
    but i need your expert help first,
    i have a mountain bike with 26x1,50 inch wheel,
    wheel made for asphalt,
    can you suggest?
    12 volt or 24 volt?
    how many watt motor?
    chain or other?
    what bateries to buy?
    just a simple one,
    a slow one for flat roads


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello and welcome.

    I'm not competent to advise you on your choices on this. But there are a few available. Look around and you'll get at least some idea of the various types.

    I would suggest, though, that you likely won't get far looking to the Sun as your power supply. I don't think the technology is up to that yet. And it might not ever be; the surface area needed to move a bike, person and cargo might be huge.

    It's a pity. But if being independent of a plug-in battery charger is important to you, then you may have to go with gasoline.

    But if you look around in here, you'll learn a lot.

    So have fun!
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    Welcome to MBC from the west edge of the Giant Side of Texas!
  4. lazylightning@mail.r

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    Hi Rigasrigas!

    Check out the kind of elkectric bike we are making in our custom Rasta-bike garage in Moscow. It's made from the best quality parts and is much cheaper than some of the main brand name bikes in it's class. It can go about 50 km without recharging as a motorcycle and about 65 km if you pedal too. It takes two and a half hours to recharge it fully and it generates electricity during braking. It has an onboard computer that checks temperatures and monitors battery levels, speeds and so on. http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthr...r-custom-garage-in-Europe&p=370153#post370153
    If you need to save alot of money and you want to make it yourself, then I can ask the guy from the company that supplies the electric motor hub , batteries and electronics, if they can sell you one full complex for your bike.
    As far as solar panels go, there is a nuclear research institute in Dubna(Moscow region) that has made a new technology allowing the creation of 600 watts of energy per square meter of poratble and folding-flexible solar panels. The panels work well at night too, abosrbing the invisible infrared spectrum of radiation from space. Much less than in direct sunshine of course. If you had somewhere from 2 to 4 square meters of folding solar panels with you, then you could fully charge the bike in just 2.5 hours and ride another 50- 65 km. You would need direct sunlight though. There is a big company that has started manufacturing these panels and they promise that they will have 1 kW per square meter panels in the near future as well.
    I would put 26 x 2.35 tires on your bike with good strong rims and spokes with the threads on the nipples glued with some kind of thread lock to keep the spokes from loosening up from high speed vibration. Because if you tighten them up very much, they will just break instead of bending during impact on the wheel. Bigger tires will help protect your wheels from damage, but you have to make sure they will fit in the fork or frame and your bike. Also, I highly recommend a frame that has a rear and front fork suspension system. Higher speeds means lots of damage when you drive hardtail or even hard fork.

    Best Regards,
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    Wow! I just noticed this is an old thread! %-D
  6. Fabian

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    Now that information gets my attention. Please present a web link where i can research these solar panels.
  7. lazylightning@mail.r

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    It came out back in 2006. I saw Anatoly Chubais, the electro-energy monopolist in Russia in the news touting it at an exposition a few years ago. So it looks like they should have some on the market already. I'll try to find out.
  8. bluegoatwoods

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    I'd be careful there Fabian.

    That claim of solar panels absorbing infra-red light at night sounds like a real red flag to me. I'll grant that I'm no expert.......but.......while it's true that light from the entire, or nearly the entire, electromagnetic spectrum reaches Earth at night the total amount is very, very, very small. Maybe it's better to say that it's very dilute.

    Considering how difficult is is to gather enough juice from the object that is by farthe most energetic source of electromagnetic radiation in our sky (The Sun) I'm very doubtful of a claim that much can be collected from the stars or 'cosmic radiation' or anything like that. Even Earth source, such as warm cities, somehow reflected back our way wouldn't amount to anything nearly as energetic as the Sun.

    And wasn't Anatoly Chubais a member of the Politburo back in Brezhnev's day?
  9. lazylightning@mail.r

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    Well, as far as I can find out, the new type of solar panel is not on the market yet and the solar panels that Chubais is making at the huge new factory they built are based on a more common technology. That doesnt mean that they can't retool suddenly and catch the market by surprise later. Chubais Polibourough. I doubt it, he's way too young.

    The problem with low yield solar panels as we know solar panels now is not that there isn't any energy to be converted, but rather the mechanism for catching and converting it. If most solar panels can convert only 12 - 18%, then the new generation of panels will convert 90% or more. Then they won't be so bad after all. Being skeptic about htese things is normal, since after all, we havent seen it working yet ourselves, or on our roofs. However this was developed by a top nuclear research institute and no run of the mill inventors trying to break into the ether energy or dark energy that holds the galaxy together -blah blah blah and so on. Keep your ears out for this new stuff. The world is definitely a changing.