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Hi guys,this is my first post,I am a retired electronics engineer,but to stay sane and get away from the elusive and recalcitrant electrons I've been messing with bikes & motorcycles for over 60 years.My youthful project along these lines was to mount a 60 cc ILO 2 stroke (made in Hamburg Germany),which I had found in a junkyard, on the back of a standard Dutch back pedal-brake bicycle.It had a flywheel magneto and an internal gear reduction&clutch and dated from pre WW 2.Not a bad setup really.It didn't have a proper choke and was very hard (exhausting that is) to get started esp. when it was cold (which is most of the time in Holland).I think the plug would get oil-fouled.Finally I landed or rather splashed into a chilly ditch when the front fork broke.After that unsettling experience (esp. for my mother), I stuck to motorcycles,she considered these much safer, and am still tooling around on my ancient Yamaha which is doing just fine.But having taken up cyling again in my old age,to get healthy? exercise I could use some extra push to get me up the steep & ubiquitous hills in this part of Virginia without killing myself.(10% grades or worse)
I am partial to the NuVinci CVT type hub setup which Staton Co is selling.On the pricey side, but I would like to redeem myself & stay away from half-assed designs.Being somewhat wiser now, maybe, than when I was 18, I am concerned about braking ability,and as a dyed-in-the-wool old two stroker ( pretty hard to beat from a power/weight/simplicity standpoint) I welcome comments &inputs about brakes and about the Mitsubishi 43 cc engine or alternatives.Is it street legal?.Let's hear,


hello from canada

welcome to mbc,look around youll find answers to all your questions.:)


Welcome to the tribe. Head over to the Rack em up section and fire away. Love having the older set there. From the Giant Side of Texas!


Welcome to MBc. Read around, you'll find rig you'll like and get along with.


Welcome...You'll love this site..informative and easy to spend hours here Oh, hold of on the hub for a bit if you'd like to save...;-O