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    I'm in Hobart Tasmania and recently got a 70cc 2 stroke from ZBOX here in Australia. Ive got it on my mountainbike at the moment but am rebuilding an old bike which is a little more comfortable to cruise on.
    I hope to try and get some gearing happening some time soon too. I'll post some pics soon also.
    Thanks for all the valuable tips and ideas I've had the pleasure of reading over the last few weeks too.

  2. fetor56

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    G'day man and welcome to MBc.
    Tasmania,soooo your from overseas are ya. ;)
  3. graucho

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    Hey Motoredhobart, welcome to MBc ! Home of may answers, and awaiting your ideas.
  4. gone_fishin

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    dang! if i keep staying up late and rubbing elbows with all you aussies, i'm gonna start sayin' "g'day" instead of...

    welcome to MBc :cool:
  5. fastboy9

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    Welcome to MBc, your going to like it here! Loads of great people and full of information.
    Look forward to seeing your ride.
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    Welcome aboard
  7. Scottm

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    Welcome to MBc Worldwide
  8. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc. mate !!!
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    welcome! i also live in hobart.....indiana that is lol
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    See as you are from Tasmania do you have to wear 2 helmets?
    Only joking.

    I consider myself to be a part-time Tasmanian.

    Mick from Sydney