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    I'm IndoVerifier from Indonesia. We set up a website to chase scammers out of Indonesia (and we have a lot to be done). We are Europeans living in Indonesia and doing business arond here and we got tired about scammers and the bad reputation they spread...

    If you need any help related to Indonesian comapnies and you want to verify and check their background just come by. www.verifysuppliers.com !!!

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    do u hav a mb or are u trying to have free advertising?
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    G'day man & welcome.
    I for 1 appreciate your efforts in making us more aware of uncsrupulous vendors & ppl ourightly keen to ripp us off.Pity we didn't have contact with u a few weeks ago but atleast now MBc members will feel a little more secure about buying Indonesian.
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    This is very cool. I think more and more of this sunlight and transparency will help the little guys.