Hi from Kansas City, Mo (Raytown area)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KCViper, Jun 22, 2008.

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    First of all, thank you to the host for having a place for all of us motorbiking enthusiasts to give knucks to each other.

    My first build was on 6-14-08 and I've been riding it to work everyday since.

    Although this was my first build, my uncle built one last year and was riding it everyday until cancer finally took him from us last month. He lived in Independence, Mo. Anyway, I got a chance to ride his and was hooked and had to build one.

    So after a late night/morning of building with the "great" instructions the kits come with I was up and running. I had a slight issue with the chain coming off on the first try, but that was my fault due to not getting the chain the right length on the first try.

    I noticed a few other posts from others in the Kansas City area. I would be interested in meeting up someday for a ride and of course to check out your bikes.


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    KC - WanaBe a motorbike rider/

    :cool: I want to save money and ride to work and also interested in meeting forward thinking bike-ez in the KC area. New to this site so looks like I have to do some home work to get started from scratch (bike, motor labor, gas - ride when done) and looking forward to being the big dog on the block again you know everybody is kind of doing the same thing. We all are looking for change.