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    I have one bike and am searching for a workable "hybrid" system for car-free living. I like the idea of a powered pusher. I looked into electric systems first but want a gas option for long trips. I'd like to get around 200mpg. I'm looking into the Tanaka PureFire and Robin-Subaru engines in approx. 20cc size. I'm interested in burning propane. Perhaps if I burn propane at fixed RPM a good use would be to charge batteries. Google searches led me to this fantastic site, where like minds are already doing most or all of what I want to do!


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    Hi Liam,

    Welcome aboard. So you're thinking that you want your drive to be electric, with propane re-charging? Not a bad idea. I'm not sure there's been much done here in that direction. Maybe this is your chance to be a trail-blazer.

    Definitely get something together and get out on the road. You won't be sorry.

    We'll see you around.