Hi from Melb Australia

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  1. saolom

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    G'Day 2 all people! Looking to enjoy my self here on this forum! Just bought a 80cc Kit and can't wait to put it all 2 gether.

  2. duivendyk

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    Welcome to this Forum,is it a HT (happy time? engine), if so I wish you luck you'll need it.Chinese engines have a less than stellar reputation in the US generally speaking.I don't know if the Aussi ones are any different.Someone came up with a 20 point check&recondition list of things to do.If you were to follow that, it could keep you out of trouble and you'd have fewer hassles to contend with.The best of luck.
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  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello and welcome aboard.

    Don't let our friend from Virginia get you down. It's true that HT reputation is less-than-stellar, but only a little less. A lot of us are as happy as anything with ours. I'll admit, though, that there seems to be a bit of luck involved. There does seem to be a few lemons out there. As long as you avoided that, you should be fine.

    So get it built and have fun. Photos would be cool.
  4. terrence

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    Howdy saolom welcome to MB.c
    If you have questions on your build give out a yell.
  5. duivendyk

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    If ordinary hardware often is sub-standard,if headbolts are prone not to stay put,not to mention other deficiencies,it only behooves one to alert interested parties to be on their guard.I wonder what you would consider sub-standard.Maybe you can give him sage advice on how to avoid lemons.I tell him to look around in our archives for useful PRACTICAL info that could prove helpful .Just a thorough initial inspection is likely to pay off.Your M.O. seems to be that "ignorance is bliss" (until things fall apart)& never worry about a thing,mine is "be prepared" and be vigilant.
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