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    guess I'll introduce myself.
    I reckon you can all see my name ;-)
    I've been riding bicycles since 1997. I had a motorcycle wreck in 1996 that left me with 72-96 fractures, a good many of them compound. I was in the hospital for ~1 month, and going to physical therapy and Dr.'s appointments for the next year or so. 'Bout the spring of '97 I was going to physical therapy 3 times a week for an hour. During this hour I rode an exercise bike, the other 15 minutes they would ice my right knee down. I kind of liked the exercise bike and wished it was a real bike. The ice on my knee... let's just say I didn't like it very much. My now ex-wife bought me a used mountain bike and I rode it everywhere, I had to use a couple of bandana's to carry my walkin' stick with me and I had to walk some of the steeper hills but I loved that bike.
    In 1998 I got a third and final back payment from social security disability and bought a TREK Y-frame full suspension carbon fiber bike. Talk about a bike to love riding, in the first 3 months that I had that bike I put 2500 miles on, went from about 245-255 down to 165 and back up to 185 in muscle weight. Not only did I get back into shape but I could now walk without a limp. (my right leg had the most fractures and it is now about a 1/8th inch shorter than it used to be and still hurts really bad on some days) Well that bike was stolen a few years ago and I got a TREK 6700 hardtail mtn. bike to replace it and still riding today.
    My buddy and I have been talking about putting a motor on a bike for over a year now. He recently bought the Wizard 2 stroke 70cc motor and has it on a Moon Dog cruiser bike from wally-world. I have been helping him with it and seen the things he has to deal with and using that info in planning my own motorized bicycle. I have also seen some VERY nice bikes here. I was really impressed with this bike here http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=8898 REALLY impressed me.
    I'm trying to get all this info straight in my head so I can build the bike that I will love riding. I have looked at this motor http://www.fiveflagsmotorbikes.com/Wizard4StrokeBicycleEngine.htm and wondered if anyone knew anything about it or the company selling it.
    I really like the idea of an auto clutch and the 4 stroke, straight gas kinda thing.
    well I reckon that's a bit long for an intro, a friend is here with me and I have left it and come back so it just kept on going I guess. But that's me.
    I'm looking forward to posting some pics of what I start with and what I end up with.

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    Dang sick of bike thieves. That was a sweet ride. I wish you good luck on the MB.
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    Hey Nunya, I live in Alamo. It's about 18 miles north of Jackson TN. Welcome to the forum. It's nice to hear about people so close by. After I get my bike running maybe we could do some riding together. Of course I would have to save up for a bike rack first.

    I believe that the engine kit you are looking at is a pretty good one. I also think it's the best price for that type engine. The next step up is about 380 something dollars for a kit that is about the same thing.

    There is a guy in Millington that has a bike too. Here's a link to his profile: here

    Anyway... just wanted to say hi to a fellow West Tennessee guy. Maybe we can ride together sometime in the future! That would be fun.

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    hey crabdance
    yea jackson isnt too far from me
    and when I get my bike built I am planning to take two road trips.
    the shorter one to mountain home ark. where my grandfather lives. the longer one to marion oh. where my parents are living. those trips will wait until Ive gotten the bugs ironed out with the motor and the bike. a trip up jackson way might be just the thing to see how it will do on longer trips.
    I plan on getting a larger gas tank, just a 2 gallon tank that would mount on a rack over the back wheel and Id have paniers(sp?) on the front and back for the long trips.
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    cool... If you ever decide to come to Jackson, I could meet you. Don't know if I could do it on my bike or not but I could sure meet you in town. You ought to be able to go forever on a 2 gallon tank :). Let me know if and when you ever get ready to come to Jackson. I would love to meet you.