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    I bought a 70cc wizard on ebay and a Moon Dog at Walmart. I love it. It's better than I ever expected. I wanna build another one, now that I'm more experienced. I haven't had time to join the forums and post or anything but I would like to thank everyone that has posted about there installs and problems. If it were not for the valuable info on this site. My bike would still be in pieces.
    I have found my new hobby. Anyone else around Memphis other than myself and nunyabiddness?

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    haha I saw a post from memphis and got excited lmao
    then I saw it was just me bro haha
    welcome to the forums bro
    I know you will find even more info here than we already have

    I don't think Gringo would mind if I posted a pic of his bike and I just rad how to do it so I'm gona try it now

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    Welcome to forum crazygringo

    crazygringo, welcome to MBc & congrats on the wizard.

    i'm from Milan, Tn, here ... almost a hundred miles E,Ne, of Memphis. Milan is near Jackson, Tn, and almost a suburb of Jackson, the way it, Milan, & Medina are all growing.

    You should find this forum an interesting read and I check in almost every day.

    When young, the wizard (i think that is what name it went by, anyway) was a fascination to me and I envied the guys/gals who had one. Congratulations on your bike of choice.
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