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    Hello everyone!! Found your site while trying to find a person who builds or installs small engines on regular bikes... I believe she/he was from the Watertown/Hartford area (?)

    Im trying to find an engine or kit for a bicycle for my teenager... Any help form the members on this area will be really appreciated...

    Thanks an be safe riding!!

  2. Well i would go with a 50cc or under 2-stroke inframe kit available at gasbike.net and many other places.
    If its for road use check with your local laws,as i believe the operator of the motorized bike will need a license atleast.
    A electric bike or kit is also a option.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm in Milwaukee and have several builds finished now. I have a lot of information to share with you regarding engines and state laws. You do not need to stay under 50cc in Wisconsin, there is no cc limit on motorized bicycles currently. This could and likely will change. Feel free to private message me and I'll try to help anyway I can.
  4. Don't you still need a license? will his teenager have a license?
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    Yes a driver's license is required for on road use. Off road I don't think so. There are several provisions in the statutes about licenses. A teenager can get a drivers license here at 16 and I seem to remember something about temporary or learners permits, I'd have to look it up to see what it was though.
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    I found the section about license requirements, I'm not sure what all of it means but I'm sure the DMV will be able to answer questions.

    CHAPTER 343

    343.05 Operators to be licensed; exceptions.
    343.05(3) No person may operate a moped or motor bicycle unless the person possesses a valid operator's license or a special restricted operator's license issued under s. 343.135 or a restricted license issued under s. 343.08. A license under this paragraph does not authorize operation of a moped or motor bicycle if the license is revoked, suspended, canceled or expired.

    343.16 Examination of applicants; reexamination of licensed persons.
    (d) Motor bicycle or moped waiver. The department may promulgate rules authorizing a license examiner to waive the operating skill examination of a person applying for a license to operate a motor bicycle or moped if the applicant has the physical ability to operate the vehicle safely. The rules shall ensure that the applicant demonstrates knowledge of the traffic laws necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle.

    343.075 Instructional permits for applicants for special restricted operators' licenses.
    343.135 Special restricted operator's license.
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