Hi from minnesota

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    I have a friction drive from BikeMotorParts.com with china 2 stroke 52cc and a subaru 35 cc 4 stroke back up engines. lot of fun getting ready to retire I also like like to fly airplanes and powered parachutes check out my webpage
    www.frontiernet.net/~rrleland :smile:

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    Hi flyboy Welcome to MB.c
    O yes, have taken the beautiful Preston-Lanesboro-Whalen-Rushford-Houston-Caledonia trek many times in my travels. What a scenic area you have to fly! I have photos of some of the farm spreads on your web site. Well anyways, glad your here. graucho
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    Hello Flyboy. Welcome. Very cool web site. What a blast.
    Ive been in the Caledonia area a few times. Very nice area.
  4. xPosTech

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    Welcome Flyboy.