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    I'm new to this hobby although when I was a pup I had 26 motorcycles. I fixed em up and sold them and got something else. Worked as a mechanic back then and this is just like coming back to something I like to do. I bought a Grubee 2 stroke and helped my dad (77 years old) put it on his old Murray (made in Tennessee) and now I'd have to pry it from his cold dead hands. We have all the bugs out of it. Now I need one. I have an old Schwinn cantilever frame(made in Chicago) stripped hope to get it ready for paint this weekend. I want my bike looking sharp! Waiting for a new springer front end and parts. Fun stuff. I have a five mile commute to work can't wait to get it done and leave the ford home and ride my bike to work.

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    Welcome to MBc. We hope you enjoy yourself. There is a lot to read, and numerous folks with tons of knowledge to share. Be sure to read all of the "stickies"...they contain important information. Now, enjoy.