hi from n.z.

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  1. 345675

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    hi all, lost my lisence for a while so i'm going down the electric route.
    got an old mountain bike and an old kids scooter with a 180w motor.
    will start on it this week :smile:

  2. mark2yahu

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    welcome :) ...be sure to post a photo when you've got her running! i'd love to see it!

  3. 345675

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  4. Klox

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    Hi there and welcome, Numerical Mate!
    I'm from Christchurch too.....

  5. 345675

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  6. Klox

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    Yes i bought myself a HT 66cc kit a couple of weeks ago. I took the engine apart as i need to rework the front engine mount quite a bit because the down tube of my Schwinn Moab is 44.5mm in diameter. I don't have much space in the frame either and therefore i need to do some machining on the engine casings and a bit of welding too! There's a few of the innards i also want to remachine as well, so for the time being i'm not going to have it going very soon.

    Cheers, mate!
    Maybe i should come visit you....?