Hi From NE Fla - Need Your Help Please

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  1. BikerInFla

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    Looking to learn from the forum on how to build a better
    motorized bike.

    Looking at purchasing my first motor set up and was wondering
    what the best 26" Beach Cruiser brand bike does anyone



  2. KilroyCD

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    Welcome to MBc! It's good that you're researching things before buying / building. As to the best brand, if you ask five guys that you'll likely get five different answers. It may also help to set parameters, such as best brand in X to Y price range.
    My answer to your question would be to look at vintage cruisers, like Columbia, Schwinn or Murray to name just three. The solidly build steel frames tend to hold up better than some of the newer lightweight (alloy) frames.
  3. BikerInFla

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    That is good info KilroyCD ...never thought about the steel .. hmm .. have noticed the newer Schwinn's don't resemble to old ... will take your advise.
  4. q999

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    wellcome fellow fl. after putting 50+ miles on my fist build a schwinn beach cruzzer that looks great but man I think I want shocks and disk brakes if i can afford and get them ...bigger tiresthan 26"
    as for the rear tire on the beach cruzzer It was too wide so in order to line up chain with motor I bought from boygofast on ebay.... I had to buy a thinner tire.
    . I'm debatting on a huffy savanna at $100 OR a 29 inch tire mongoose mountain bike with disq brake?at double the price of the huffy savanna. both have shocks.

    your size may differ and you may want to mod the strait bars of a mountain bike to a Mustache style bar for 20 bucks.,seat 20 bucks ,lights ect ? if you get a 26 inch tire they have a no flat solid tube you could try?

    I also didn't care for the sprocket attaching to the spokes with a rubber coupler and bought a hub and drum brake wish I had seen the disq .http://shop.ebay.com/boygofast/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

    Also the coaster brake model is not an option it is not strong enough and the bearings will fall out of their races. my advice....no coaster brakes..you must replace hub.
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  5. occchopperfl

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    I agree with Kilroy.

    To give you an "educated" answer, i'd need to know your budget $, and drive preference.

    Before you answer, if I wanted a beach crusier bike and drive for overall sturdiness and reliability, id go with:

    Bike - 2 choices:

    add - a.
    a. http://worksmancycles.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/indbikes.html

    b. http://www.sunbicycles.com/product_detail.php?short_code=Atlas&cl1=INDUSTRIAL


    Just my 2 cents.

    Good Luck and Welcome!

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