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    Hey all,
    I just bought a 70cc HT about 2 weeks ago for riding to school. I've had nothing but problems since, however, I still think it's great.

    When I got the kit, it was missing the fuel line, luckily I had an old brake fluid line lying around.

    I also had to fabricate a U bolt for the bottom mount, since the supplied U bolt didn't fit (if that's what it was for).

    I've since had the studs from the bottom motor mount fall off, a machine screw off the engine block fall off, the nut holding on the clutch lever fall off, the clutch cable break (luckily at home), my brake lever break (the bolt fell off, so I pulled a screw from a reflector and used that as a quick fix), and countless nuts and bolts come loose.

    I think that I've had something break every day I ride my bike to school.

    Despite all the problems, the engine seems to run fine, it does the trick of getting me to school and back, and it's a lot cheaper than the bus, NZ$2.50 per week (one tank), instead of NZ$16 a week for the bus. It's great fun also, and value for money, since it was NZ$240 (US$200), and a birthday present.

    So far I've managed to get my bike up to 61 km/h, which I thought was pretty decent, I haven't run past any cops yet, so I don't know what their reaction will be, my plan is to slow down and start making it look like I'm pedaling.