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    Hello all,

    My name is Steve.

    I am currently looking into motorized bikes and mopeds as an alternative 2nd vehicle.

    I'm not really looking to build one, but to get a pre-built, & at-least i can study how its put together threw maintenance etc. then perhaps build one as i want it or one for my wife later as i become more mechanically able.

    The motorized bike seems like a cheaper alternative to a new moped (as i do have a budget on this), & less worries about buying something used. & could use the extra money saved, but im wondering about the comfort, being able to place storage for small grocery shops, etc, & the laws as most really don't mention what a gas powered motorized bike is, & a real moped would do away with this fine line of not exactly knowing.

    BUT According to the Idaho & Utah which i will be moving at the end of summer, A motorized bike, really falls under the Moped category but what their pages explain a moped is. theres even a Utah dmv pdf that shows a motorized bike next to the moped definition.

    Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful on anything i went over.


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    Welcome aboard, Steve.

    The legal issue is just a bit tough. There are a few states where they are specifically legal and easy to operate legally. There's a few where they are more or less illegal. (or at least hard to register, etc.) For the rest, it's murky.

    But most of us have found that law enforcement just doesn't care all that much. The police are friendly to me. And I'm not the only one. The opinion around here is that it's good to "put on a good show". Being clean cut and straight-and-narrow looking surely doesn't hurt, but I don't think that's terribly important. Riding your bike like a responsible adult, being concerned for the safety of children and little old ladies crossing the street, stuff like that is what really matters. It seems the cops care more about that than whether your bike is technically legal or not.

    For one of these bike to be truly practical transport, you must be able to carry stuff. You're right about that. The simplest solution is to pull a small trailer. That's what I do and I couldn't be more pleased.

    Have fun and we'll see you around.