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  1. bigboihustle

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    i've been lurking here awhile and just recently finished my first build. But their is only one problem, i cant keep the chain on. It pops off either the front or back sprocket and sometimes both. How much slack should you have in the chain before you apply the tensioner?

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    Welcome, something like 1/4 to 1/8 th movement in chain. Also check to make sure your sprocket is dish out away from spokes and is as true(centered) on wheel.,tensioner is keeping it straight. line of sight. There is also usually a loose and a tight area in chain. not too loose or too tight. I mounted my tensioner from top. Then it dont move.

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  3. bigboihustle

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    the pics really cleared up the tensioner for me, but i thought i was suppose to mount the sprocket chrome side in?
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    reading threw my Grubee install instructions and it says : Teeth out and dish (indent area) close to spokes.