Hi from Ontario, Canada

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  1. george39

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    Almost finished installing 80 cc on my mountain bike, and looking forward to all the info to be found here, and the friends to be made.

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    Welcome to MBc.
  3. whowhere

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    Hey, I am from ontario to

    I just received an 80cc kit myself. I thought the motor looked small. This motor weighs about 12 lbs. It has a vertical measurement of about 12 inches. Does this match what you have?

  4. george39

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    80 cc motor

    Hi Whowhere -
    Yeah, that sounds like the same engine. Mine came from Burnaby, B.C. The 2-3 hours they say to install became more like 2-3 days by the time I "remanufactured" the motor mounts, pedal arms for clearance, chain guard, etc.
    I would have been a lot further ahead if I had read all of the great tips and advice on this forum - would have saved time and made for a better install. Good luck with yours!
  5. wayde

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    ontario here too where you guys from
  6. george39

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    Hi from Ontario

    Hi Wayde -
    I live in Kingsville, on the shore of Lake Erie, about 25 miles east of Windsor.