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    Hi folks, my name is Gabe and I live near Drain, Oregon. This looks like a great forum. Ive been wanting to put together a bike for some time now. I just purchased an 80cc kit from handhelditems.com and now Im trying to decided which bike to use. I will do some searching to see if there is a preferred frame type and wheel size for an overall best package. Ive got two Madwagon bikes one is a flat black single speed cruiser and the other is a silver 3-speed with two top bars(maybe not enough room for the motor). If anyone has any tips on where to search for frame info please post a link. Thanks!!

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    Welcome Gabe,

    I'm from Pendleton and one brother is still there. My bike is a rack mount but you'll get plenty of info for your project here.
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    Hello from Corvallis. I'm just getting started here but motorized bikes look like so much fun I can't resist.

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    Hey there tussle - I also just purchased an 80cc kit from handhelditems.com I hope to get mine put together this weekend. Have you started/finished yours yet?
  5. Welcome Oregonian from another former Oregonian now Seattlite!
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    Also welcome from a former Oregonian now living in the land of cajuns and crawdads.