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    finances dictated me to get a bike with a motor....opened a whole new world of commuting....glad to be here to share with other gas-engine bike riders. I have a gebe mounted on a '08 giant rincon...made several mods to it...will let you see them later...I'm close to a thousand miles now, after about three months.

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    welcome Bill from Lakeside ---------- Mountainman

    just a few miles from you

    much good riding out this way

    ride that thing
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    Hi Mountainmike, I live in Carmel Valley, just east of Del Mar, I ride to work in Poway almost every day. The commute time is about ten min. longer on the bike verses the car...I love it!
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    ride those things

    it's ok BB -- happy up here in the mountains

    a lot of fine things to ride -- if you know what I mean

    ride those things