Hi from sunny Sarasota

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    Hin from Sarastta,
    I'm speedball1. Some of you may know me fromb AskMe.com, All Experts.com or where I'm at now AskMeHelpDesk.com where I'm The Senior Plumbing Expert. Evert. At 85 I still get a paycheck from Google. My eyesight's failing so I turned in my car tag and bought ab beach cruser bicycle and installed a 66cc two stroke engine on it. 40 years ago I was a outlaw biker up in Tampa. I built and sold choppers. I started to trick out the bike and ended up woth a chopper. The only things left stock on the bike is the frame,pedels and the rear wheel. I beefed up the front end with a steel/chrome rim, purchased a Harly type leather wide saddle and sunk it as low in the frame as I could. I then swapped the handlebars for a 14" high raise 'ape hanger" and I have a 4 liter gas tank to replace the 2liter one that came with the motor.
    I ride 8 to 10 miles everyb day and if I can't drive a car or a motor cycle I'm having the most fun I ever had with my pants on. I'm busy on the net but will find time to tnteract wityh my fellow riders. Thanks for having me. speedball1

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    Welcome to the forum! Nice ride indeed!
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    Ride long and enjoy.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys. I had no idea that so many people were riding motor bikes. So far I seem to be the only one in my area. Do MBs have rallies like Sturges has for motorcycles? It's so good to hear from fellow riders. Regards, Speedball1
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