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    Hi everyone. I have been addicted to this message board for the past few days. Tons of great information. I'm an old roadie. I used to ride 2k+ miles a year for about a decade....but that was a decade ago. For the past few years I have been trying to get back on the bike again, but just cant seem to get the momentum going. I love the idea of a Motored Bike. I am going to go with a gebe. I think I will order a wheel from them first. I have to get a new bike (yard sale, or any suggestions), because I only have a road & a hybrid (both 700c). Thanks for all the information.

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    Hi fellow Tennessean! I reside in a little wide spot in the road called Lewisburg. It's about 50 miles south of Nashville. Welcome to the forum! Lots of good info here. Yeah, you're going to want a lot more rubber on the road that you can get with a 700 set-up!
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    Hello and welcome.

    You'll want to get right to work on your build. You won't regret it. Let us know how it goes.
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    I called gebe yesterday and they called me back today! I can't remember who I talked to (terrible with names), but we talked for a half hour....she was great! I am getting a wheel now....find a bike (my tow 700cs won't do) and then order the kit.

    I drive a ton....I just started a pet sitting business 18 months ago....a motorbike will work great (in good weather).

    Thanks for the welcome. I'll keep you posted about the build and how it works for my pet sitting business.

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    Hey andrewdavis19,

    I grew up in Tullahoma....small town Tennessee is great! Maybe we can meet sometime. When I talked to gebe they mentioned another guy in the area....do you know Bama?....I have read several of his posts...seems like a great guy. Thanks for the welcome.