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    An intro? Well, let's try this.

    Mostly interested in light aircraft, including gyros. Have been flying for 35 years, live on an airport. Use bikes for transportation around the airport. These include an ugly ancient English folding 3-speed and a lightweight Cannondale 12-speed. Also have a mountain bike that was run over by a truck -- bent frame but useable parts. I'm toying with the idea of an electric bike kit.

    An electric bike could solve the problem of having to drive 6 miles to town. That's assuming the electricity stays on to charge the batteries, of course. Ours quits whenever it rains hard.

    Since I'm retired -- shovel snow in the summer and mow grass in the winter -- the cost of playing with electric bikes needs to be minimal. I'm a tech writer with 12 aircraft assembly manuals and a dozen dozen magazine articles -- so maybe a barter would work. Anybody need a writer?

    I build things. 12 experimental aircraft so far. A teardrop travel trailer two years ago (see www.crocodiletear.com). And I have a few ideas that might work on bikes. More later about that, maybe.

    Anyone interested in the contents of a practical, cheap 72-hour emergency kit, let me know and I'll post contents. Development of it began in Alaska in 1973 and continues today.

    I like the civil, polite rules of this forum and wish other forums would require same. Last thing, if there's any way I can help anyone on the forum, drop me a private message.

    OK, Mr. Administrator, I think I've met the requirements to join the forum.

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    Glad to have you aboard but I warn you, MB's are addictive, gonna cut into your flying time.
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Hello from Corpus Christi, TX

    I'm new to the site. Just wanted to say hello to fellow Texan.