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    I have always been interested in motorized bikes. My first was when I was 12 years old. We only had one cop in town.

    I had a 2 HP briggs mounted on a three wheeler but the cop said it needed lights breaks insurance, tags and license etc, Basically a car. He said I could use an electric motor though, so I said OK I'll play that game.

    I mounted a 24 volt 2,000 RPM, 2 HP PMDC motor and a couple of car batteries on it (SNICKER). I walked it up to the main highway and waited for him to come down the road and threw the off/on switch and burned rubber. about a quarter mile down the road I pulled over with the cop behind me. He got out and said, "My god, what have I created". I bent the frame and twisted the spokes on the drive wheel.

    I went home and built another three wheeler with the briggs engine but the cop never said anything about it after that. I rode it for 4 years till I got my drivers license.

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    that is quite possibly the best story I have read here to date...

    Welcome... and GOD bless TEXAS. :helmet: