Hi from the Mediterranean!

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    Hi all,

    been wanting to motorize a bike for years, and now finally have the bike and the money!!

    this is the bike, i have a 62cm frame with 700c tyres (http://surlybikes.com/bikes/disc_trucker)

    Im looking at going for the EZ matic pace setter, and with a final belt drive.

    I have front and rear disk brakes which is part of the reason I dont want chain drive, and because i like belt drives anyway..

    i think i am going to have to fabricate my own rear sheave because i cant seem to find many options. the whizzer one looks good but it has quite a big offset, which i think will be too wide for me as it will be going on a bike with touring tyres, alternative i am looking at getting a standard vbelt pully (does anyone know where i can buy stainless steel ones? there are heaps of cast iron or aluminium ones, but i can weld stainless much easier), and try to find a way to mount it, without making things to ugly... failing that, has anybody had any luck with wood, fibreglass or plastic sheaves? I can quite easily make a plastic or plywood sheave, but would like to keep the weight down. i figure if the belt does start to slip, it will be on the small pully and not the final drive sheave, because of the extra surface area so maybe the plastic wouldnt melt but still the weight issue... thoughts?

    any way, i have emailed a few suppliers of the Qmatic, but only one has replied, and he doesnt want to take funds by credit card or paypal, because he said it it too risky (not sure why)... but does anyone know of a supplier that would be able to post one over to France for me and can take credit card or paypal?

    the bloke that did get back to me said he could take certified checks, but im at sea for most of the time so thats in the too hard basket for me...

    basically all I need is the mount, engine (honda), the transmision, and an exhaust.. and a trigger style throttle, because i have drop bars

    Im going on a bit of a bike tour in July so would like to have it all assembled and running well by then...

    any way, enough questions for now,

    thanks in advance for any help


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    Welcome to the forum! Is the Mediterranean a pond or a lake? Sounds like a pond, any good catfish up in it?
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    havent seen any catfish... plenty of dolphins and mackerel though