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  1. spookeyd

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    Another newbe here, just trying to se if a Whizzer Motorbike makes good short transportation:grin:

  2. chuck's retierment

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    chuck's retierment

    Hi Ilive in laughlin Nevada. What about you? I have a Schwinn beach cruiser with a grubee 66 engine
  3. wheelbender6

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    I have not owned a Whizzer, but they make good commuters. The size of the Whizzer engine will require that you get a motorcycle license, tag and registration in many states. Most states will not require a motorcycle license or tag if the motor is 48 cc or less (on a bicycle).
    There is plenty of Whizzer expertise on this forum site.
  4. KCvale

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    If you are in the Phoenix area give helumt (Richard) a call, he builds Wizzers.
    For just little cheap comfortable commutes I'd have to say no, a $5K Wizzer is not the right bike.
    They are big, bulky, awkward, uncomfortable, hard to operate and even for $5,000 still a single speed.

    This little 48.7cc legal 4-stroke 3-speed runs circles around Dicks Wizzer unless we got out on the highway.
    At a fifth the price, 0 to legal speed in 3 seconds and 40+MPH in 7 seconds works for me ;-}