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  1. Newbloke

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    Hi All

    I'm in UK land here where it's cold and wet, booo! Anyway I have a couple of 1950's cyclemotors which get used a fair bit.

    I'm joining up here because I'm looking to build a kind of cyclemotor clone using a CAG type mini bike motor.

    More details to follow!!

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. The CAG is a great motor for mounting over the back tire.
  3. Newbloke

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    CAG Bicycle

    Thanks for that

    I have purchased a motor with this type of transmission as it puts the drive sprocket nicely above the rear wheel. I think the reduction is about 3:1, and I'm hoping to use a 54 tooth rear sprocket on a 26" wheel. I think I'm going to be needing to do some pedaling to get it going from rest!!

  4. Newbloke

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    Ok I am continuing to add some more detail on my build in the "Projects & Motorized Bicycle Builds"

  5. wheelbender6

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  6. Newbloke

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    Cool Bike

    That's a very cool bike, really simple, love it.

    However, I'm done with friction drives I think, we have a lot of rain and hills here. Also I want the CAG motor to be as hidden as possible.

    Also, on the other tread I have posted in the project section I hear that my tranny is really weak, is that right?
  7. darwin

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    Welcome to the forum. There's no tea rooms here so make the best w/o mate!
  8. wheelbender6

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    That transmission in your pic may not be intended for an adult, so that is probably why you heard that.
    If you pedal away from stops, that gear box may prove adequate.
    -Have you considered using sheave and belt drive? It will give you a lot of gear reduction.
    -A small CVT provides gear reduction, but also requires engine power to operate (not all power is transmitted to the wheel)
  9. Newbloke

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    Thanks for that, I'm quite happy if I have to put in some pedal power. I'll see how it goes with that gearbox then.

    You are certainly right on the sheave, but I'm less keen on belts, the attachment to the wheel always looks a bit messy me.

    I'm hopefully get some time to experiment in the next week or two, and I'll post up my progress.