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    Am currently building a 4 stroke in-frame from a Schwinn I got from a big box store based in Minnesota. Having replaced everything but the frame...brakes and top/seat posts...am slowly putting it together due to the heat (110+ F) on my days off. Here's a pix of where I've gotten:

    Phoobar MB 1a.jpg

    Just got in a center stand...set of black magnesium "Iron Cross" pedals I bought on close out at the local bike shop and the 1-piece to 3-piece pedal adapter which will be going on the next time I get a chance to get to work on it. Even though you see a sissy bar on this...am getting an axle mount 42" which is being shipped right now.

    Any suggestions...feel free...especially if you can change the weather. It's 104 F right now where I'm at in Arizona and 61 F where I'm moving to in Idaho.

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    welcome aboard.

    It's a nice looking bike.

    Sorry we can't do anything about your weather troubles. But you'll still find other good help here.

    See you around.
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    Nice build looks like my bike when I was 12, I would have had it still if I did not move so much.
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    Hi, from another 'Zonie.' Yeah - the heat IS miserable, isn't it? :sweatdrop: The weather for the next couple of days is supposed to be below normal, though: 104-105, so that'll be a bit nicer. :cool: LOL - AZ is one of the few places where you can hear "cooler weather" and "105," all in the same sentence! :ack2: (actually, it's pretty common to hear 'cooler' and 110 here...)
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    Yeah, never thought I'd be happy that it's "only" 100!!:sweatdrop:
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    Was going for the retro 70's look. Had a red 2 speed coaster brake Schwinn Stingray which was my 1st bike my parents bought me used with a slick back wheel. That's why I don't have it...moving too much & discovering 4 wheels made for better freedom.:idea:

    With 3 days off next week...am hoping to get it on the road. Also waiting on my 42" sissy bar from Southern Cali Bikes. Should be in early next week. Was the only place I could find with the stuff I was looking for at a decent price. Wished I would've known about this place before I ordered from Amazon.

    Thank god I'm spending a week in Idaho looking for a job after next week. Am so tired of this BS hot weather! Was all ready tired of it in January of last year.:jester: