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    Hi my name is Mitch and I stumbled on to this great site as I was looking for help with getting my goboyfast 4 stroke running. I live in British Columbia just north of Washington State, in the Pacific North west. Thank you to all the people responsible for this site truly marvelous!!

    Opps this is probably not the form to ask questions, I will try elsewhere

    On to the not so marvelous
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me why I have two plastic lines[fuel] running from the bottom[sides] of my carburetor[the needle float assembly ] Does one run to fuel tank and the other run to other side of carb?
    I also realized that there is no clutch adjustment with the drive train. Is there any way to dis engage the system if I want to ride without the motor ?
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    hey Mitch
    welcome to the forums
    I'm sure someone here can answer your questions, if it hasn't been answered already in another post.
    read read read and then read some more
    that's what I've been doing since I found this site.
    hope you get everything working good and can have tons of fun!