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    hi everyone..well i have a 4 stroke and a 2 stroke bike..new here so bear with me till i figure things out,the 4 stroke drive freewheel sucks.bearing fell out riding..so i took the drive from the 2 stroke but it doesnt fit so im trying to make a inner type shield to fit it so far i havent found a way to fit it..still digging around for metal i can shape to the drive..i really dont like the freewheel drive at all.thing falls apart and i cant even explain how many times ive sat with all the bearings trying to piece it back together..
    finally got fed up with it and looked at my 2 stroke and thought hmm..maybe i can fit the 2 stroke drive sprocket to the shaft..so far its really huge..so i found a socket that looked like it might fit it..cut it..but the saw i was using wasn't that good and it cut unevenly so for now im still trying to figure a way around the 4 stroke freewheel drive..id thought of possibly using hot glue or jb weld..cus really it does suck..i had the drive apart and the little wire inside was just gone..and bearings were falling out..so i took it off and set it aside..piece of junk if ya ask me..cheap metal..made to break or fail so ya have to buy another..

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    its really sad they manufacture such crappy metal.and parts .i mean come on,its gonna have to deal with heat and friction.make it out of good hard steel..not the junk its made of..so ok thats where im at for now..still trying to find a way to adapt the 2 stroke drive sprocket to the 4 stroke shaft..may or may not work..not sure yet..but its a challenge..

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    Well, best of luck with it.

    There's no point in my even trying to come up with suggestions since I've never tried to fit two such mismatching parts together. I guess I have made some weird matches before. Just not on drive lines.
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    Sounds like you are applying some Cowboy engineering.
    Is your 4 stroke an HS kit? Is the failed bearing in the engine crank case
    or the drive line?
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    Welcome the wind!!